Our pictures

This section is about our members' showing their work in different ways. Our members have a range of experience, some very good, others are relatively new to photography. Maybe seeing some of their work and this diversity will help you decide to come along and join us.

Club members should read the guidelines for submission.

Club Platinum Jubilee Photobook

2022 is not just a 70th anniversary for The Queen, it also marks 70 years since the creation of Sevenoaks Camera Club. To celebrate this we have created a photobook using members' pictures. Many thanks to Susan Wilkinson for all her efforts in making the book.

You can see a short preview of the book on the Blurb website. If you wish to buy one it is selling at cost price.

Club outings and workshops

We try to organise a few informal outings and workshops to complement our regular meetings. You can see photos of some of the events here.

2021 Annual Exhibition

We displayed the print submissions in our 2021 Exhibition at the Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery in early July. To see all the digital entries and digital versions of many of the prints, visit our virtual display of entries.

Our 2020 covid "lockdown" Themes photography

During the many months of restrictions caused by covid, Club members reularly shared on a members-only site their pictures on set themes. It was non-competitive and fun, which worked well for us. We have now invited each exhibitor to submit one shot for a display of favourites from our Themes project.

Members' pages on this website

On this site we have some members' photos. The following list gives the member's name with a very brief description of them photographically. Clicking on the name will take you to their page of this site.

Links to members' own websites

These links are to individual members' personal sites. The sites will open in a new browser window, and neither content nor maintenance are the responsibility of the Club.

2020 Digital Image exhibition

Due to Covid-19 restrictions our annual exhibition was moved to an online show. We had a great entry and our 2020 exhibition photos are here .

Photographing the renovation of Bat & Ball Station 2018-2019

In 2018 and 2019 volunteers from the Club recorded the renovation of the original Victorian railway terminus for Sevenoaks. We have a short summary of our Bat & Ball project, including a few of the 1500+ photographs taken and a downloadable project review of what for us and Sevenoaks Town Council was an important and rewarding project. There is also a link to the photobook produced of the work.