Competition results 2022-23

Annual Exhibition : 2022
2022 ANNUAL EXHIBITION - October 2022 : see exhibits here
Premier Award: Reflections by Milt Ives
Imagination award: Soap Art - The Whale by Mike Robinson
Highly Commended:
Pin Mill panorama 2 by Derek Griffin
An Eynsford sunset by Derek Griffin
A collection of heads by Janice Harding
Pagliacci's brutal revenge on wayward wife by Ron Harding
Harvest mouse amid the wheat ears by Ron Harding
Hovering kestrel by Milt Ives
Otter out fishing, Shetland Isles by Milt Ives
Driving the 14th by Brian Tabor LRPS
Nut hatch by Susan Wilkinson
Look mum - no hands! by Sandy Wyndham
Premier Award: Thurne Mill morning by Derek Griffin
Imagination award: Parallel universe by Susan Wilkinson
Highly Commended:
Surprise snow stops tea by Colleen Costick
Tracks by Peter Dillon
Squeeeze by Peter Dillon
Isolation by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
Leading the field by Derek Medhurst
Goan fishin' by Anne Roberts
Tibetan monk by Anne Roberts
Pain Faces, York's Hill by Mike Robinson
Blea Tarn and the Langdale Pikes by Mike Robinson
La fèria du cheval by Sandy Wyndham
Joint visitors' choice winners:
Dreams by Colleen Costick
Clochette by Joselyne Horne

Competition results for 2022 - 2023
First projected digital image (“PDI”) competition -
1st: Autumn glory in the rugged Grand Teton by Milt Ives
2nd: Heavenly flight of an Arctic Skua, Norway by Milt Ives
3rd: The silent sentinel by Sandy Wyndham
Imagination: Eyes on a double espresso by Colleen Costick
Second PDI competition -
1st: Human impact in the Arctic by David Barker
2nd: Time for bed by Simon Palmer
3rd: Abundance of apples by Anne Roberts
Imagination: Dancing leek by Ann White
Third PDI competition:
1st: Back to work by Milt Ives
2nd: Hanging around by Tom Briody
3rd: Infants going to school, Gambia by John Dutton
Fourth PDI competition -
1st: Going fishing by David Barker
2nd: Laubeuf Fjord, Antarctica by Peter Humphrey FRPS
3rd: Reflections on trees by Ann White
Imagination: Airborne pansies by Ron Harding
First Print competition -
1st: Faded beauty II by Ann White
2nd =: Spider's jewels by Colleen Costick
2nd =: Eriskay pony among the buttercups by Sandy Wyndham
Imagination: Outlier by Derek Medhurst
Second Print competition -
1st: Storm over the causeway by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
2nd: Margate at low tide by Mike Robinson
3rd: Squeeze by Peter Dillon
Imagination: Baker Street Station by Ann White
Third Print competition -
1st: Early morning mist Rannoch Moor by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
2nd: Brrrrr it's cold out here by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
3rd: Sparrowhawk and woodpigeon by Mike Robinson
Imagination: Racing form by Derek Medhurst
Fourth Print competition -
1st: Caught in the storm by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
2nd: Madurai by Roger Lee LRPS
3rd: Two teas please! by Peter Dillon
Imagination: Winter morning on New Brighton promenade by Anne Roberts