In memoriam: gone but not forgotten

As thanks for their sterling support of the Club and as a tribute to them and their photography we are showing here some pictures by Club members who have sadly died recently. (Obviously we do so with the permission of their next-of-kin.) They were, as one of our members said of them, “inspirational in their own quiet ways”.

Jon Le Sbirel (died 2018)

While waiting for some of Jon's photos to show on this page, we wish to pay tribute in words to another stalwart of Sevenoaks Camera Club who sadly died in February 2018. He was our Honorary General Secretary for eight years until standing down in 2007. But no longer having a formal role or title did not stop Jon, together with his wife Nuala who was also a member, from helping out the Club in any ways he could. He always did this without fuss, simply getting on with it.

Thank you to another member who helped the Club immensely.

Bill Manser (died 2016)

Barry Harding (died 2015)