Sevenoaks Camera Club 2021 Exhibition


From Club Chairman Derek Griffin

Welcome to the 2021 Sevenoaks Camera Club Exhibition! Due to the pandemic, we weren't able to hold a physical exhibition last year, so we're really pleased to hold one this year. Due to the lockdown, we have been restricted in the opportunities to get out with our cameras, but this hasn't stopped the creativity of our members. There is a wide range of images for your delectation.

At the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Sevenoaks we had a superb display of prints. There are digital versions of many of these images for you to view here, although our members fervently hope you were able to see their prints in the Gallery.

We also have a digital section of our Exhibition again. These are only exhibited on this site.

All our images have been judged by respected photographer Cherry Larcombe EFIAP, ARPS, DPAGB and BPE*5. Her overall comment on the entries was that "it was very difficult to select the winners as there were so many good images and I am sure the exhibition will be a great success, especially with the display of the prints." I hope that you agree with Cherry!

Please take the time to view our images here and at the Kaleidoscope Gallery if possible. If we have whetted your appetite, do join us next season (which will be starting again in September), and become a part of a friendly group of photographers whose aim is to help our members take better pictures as well as enjoying a healthy social life at the same time. See you soon!

Layout of Exhibition online

In addition to the "winners" shown below, the two sections of our virtual Exhibition are on separate pages on this site, one for the Digital Section itself and one for digital equivalents of the Print Section exhibits.

In reality all entrants are winners for having prepared and entered the Exhibition to provide a public show and support the Club during these still-strange times. The photos on this page are the ones that were lucky enough to find particular favour with our judge Cherry Larcombe.

Premier and Imagination Awards

These are the "Premier Awards" and the "Imagination Awards" in the Digital and Print Sections. Clicking on the thumbnails shows larger images that you can browse manually. The judge's brief comments are shown above the larger images.

Highly Commended

The following photographs can be seen larger by clicking on the thumbnails. You can then browse them manually, or set to an autoplay show, using the control icons at the top right of the pop-up panel.



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