Social media

We have two ‘formal’ means for members to actively engage with other members of the Club outside of our meetings: our Google discussion group and our Flickr group.

Google discussion group

Our Google discussion group allows members to raise and answer photographic questions, or to offer up experiences to the other group members that might be useful. Membership is optional, and is restricted to our Club members.

To take part in discussions on our group, go to our Google group webpages. To ask to join it (Sevenoaks Camera Club members only) email us with your name and address at

Flickr photo sharing group

Membership to this group is also optional and restricted to our Club members. Once part of the Flickr group you can upload photos or create discussion topics on any aspect of photography.

Anyone who is both a member of Sevenoaks Camera Club and has their own Flickr account can access this site by by asking for a formal invitation: email us with your name and address at

If a Club member who is not an existing Flickr member wishes to join the Group, they will need to open an account with Flickr ibefore they can do so. This normally entails creating a 'Yahoo' email account.