Competition results archive

Competition results for 2019 - 2020
First projected digital image (“PDI”) competition
1st: Bounding across the mountain by Milt Ives
2nd: The path out of the woods by Derek Griffin
3rd: The next generation by Milt Ives
Imagination: Urban Secret Agent by Paul s'Jacob
First print competition
1st: Carmen in the spotlight by Brian Tabor LRPS
2nd: Life on earth by Peter Humphrey FRPS
3rd: Great egret chicks by Sheila Sargeant
Imagination: Beneath the spreading barcode tree by Ron Harding
Second PDI competition
1st: Shoreham lavender fields by Joselyne Horne
2nd: Autumn foraging by David Barker
3rd: Polar expedition vessel dwarfed by glacier, Svalbard by Milt Ives
Imagination: The eye at the V&A by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Second print competition
1st: Great Egret with Nesting Material by Sheila Sargeant
2nd: Tachinid Flies on Thistle by Sheila Sargeant
3rd: Wells Cathedral by Janice Harding
Imagination: Autumn Stag by Paul s'Jacob
Individual print panel competition
Winner: At The Races by Peter Dillon
Commended: Whistle Down The Wind by Paul s'Jacob
Commended: Strelitzia Let's Have Fun by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
Third PDI competition: theme “NIght Time”
1st: Trawler tragedy by Sheila Sargeant
2nd: Reculver Towers by moonlight by MIke Robinson
3rd: Honeymoon Cottage, Cedar Key by Sheila Sargeant
Imagination: Keep going well, keep going ... by Derek Griffin
Third print competition
1st & Imagination: Mist Over the Causeway by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
2nd: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of .. Rannoch Moor by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
3rd: Rannoch Moor by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Challenge competition: theme “Decay”
Winner: Hoo Peninsula Shipwreck by Sandy Wyndham, Joselyne Horne and Paul s'Jacob
2nd: Extreme Mould by Brian Tabor, Alison Brett-Hopper and Lynda Atkinson
3rd: Decay and Rebirth by Denise Barrett, David Brace and Derek Medhurst
Fourth PDI competition - with special thanks to judge, Stephen Carroll, who assessed the entries remotely during the coronavirus shutdown
1st: Not talking by Peter Humphrey FRPS
2nd: Night on a cold mountain by Milt Ives
3rd: Vixen with one of her three cubs raised in our garden by Ron Harding
Imagination: Red light district, Canary Wharf by MIke Robinson
Fourth print competition - cancelled due to coronavirus

Annual Exhibition Summer 2020
2020 ANNUAL EXHIBITION (PDIs only) See display
Premier Award: Ice Sculpture by Paul s'Jacob
Imagination Award: Urban Secret Agent by Paul s'Jacob

Highly Commended:
Buzz Off by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Marble Reflections by Tim Johnston
Infinity Pool, Margate by Mike Robinson
Refraction by Mike Robinson
September Mists by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
Clapham Gooseby Lynton Jones
Roseate Spoonbill in Breeding Plumageby Sheila Sargeant
Honeymoon Cottage, Cedar Keyby Sheila Sargeant
Spring Iris by Colleen Costick
Legs Eleven by Denise Barrett
Shoreham Lavender Fields by Joselyne Horne
Water Tower, Alcatrazby Paul s'Jacob