Hints: digital

There are countless books and magazines dealing with all aspects of digital photography, and we are not going to try to be comprehensive here. In any case, some topics are common to both traditional and digital, eg, composition is relevant whatever the medium. We will use this section for hints and ideas that our members think may be of interest, and which are less likely to be discussed elsewhere.

LAB colour space

Our member Graham Dunnett gave an interesting illustrated talk in March 2007 about how he uses the LAB colour space in Photoshop to boost colours and enhance contrast in his pictures. He has kindly put together for us some of his notes, together with screenshots. So check out Graham's use of LAB here. Or see the same notes in pdf format (432Kb).

Colour management

Even when people use colour profiling (our Club has GretagMacbeth equipment that members may hire for a small fee), a few still seem to have problems with their print colours not resembling what they see on their monitor. One of our member's suggestion is to try 'soft proofing' which may help. Your imaging software Help files should show you how to set this if it supports the facility. He also said to put the profile for the printer back to the manufacturer's settings. Our member says that i has made a big difference although concedes it's still early days. The message seems to be to try different methods if the first one doesn't succeed.