Competition summary

During our season we run a number of competitions for members. Our usual events are as follows.

Certificates and trophies are awarded to winners of many of the season's events. A specific award is made to 'starters' at the Club to encourage our newer, less experienced, members to take part in our competitions.

Competition rules

Full rules of the competitions are available to members from the Competition Secretaries at any meeting. You may also download the Competition Rules from our Downloads page. These now include our guidelines on photo sizing and other requirements for digital image competitions.

Nature photography definitions

Sevenoaks Camera Club competitions do not have specific sections for nature work. However some external contests that we enter, such as those of the KCPA, do. The restrictions on what is and isn't allowed in a nature shot are quite tight and if doing this sort of photography you may want to check out the nature photography definition on the KCPA website. These are common to the FIAP, PAGB and RPS as well.

If your nature photo does not comply, we would not be able to enter it in the nature category of an external contest, no matter how good it is, so prevention is a good idea! (Non-compliance with nature rules would not necessarily prevent a photo being entered in an open or general section: the nature restrictions only apply in nature categories.)