Roy Smart

With the advancement of digital photography, there have been ever more ways of exploring your own creativity – either in camera or in post-production - and this is something that has become important to me. I enjoy the challenge of pushing the boundaries of convention, while at the same time creating something that has my own personal stamp on it.

My favourite medium is monochrome, as it clearly lends itself more openly to photographers who enjoy its flexibility in being able to produce photography as a form of art. This can be seen none more so than in my favourite subject of Architecture. Modern and Post-Modern architecture allows the photographer to explore shapes, patterns, form and textures, that in turn can allow the photographer to create something of his/her own – something abstract even. Some say ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, but often in my photography, I like to concentrate on the parts that give emphasis to the whole - and may not have been noticed otherwise.

Messing with the rules of photography is my ‘raison d’etre’, whether it’s blurry or minimalist images with no discernable blacks. I also enjoy Infrared photography for its artistic bent, and its ability to divide the photographic community – some like it, some don’t. That gives me the opportunity and the challenge to produce IR images that rise above the photographic pulpit. It’s not so important that people enjoy my photography as the satisfaction I get from indulging my own artistic expression. Art is everything and everything is art.