Gyula Magyar's “SCC project”

Gyula Magyar (usually known to us as “Julius”) has been a popular member of the Club from 2015 to 2017. He contributed a lot by his friendship and joining in many activities, including entering pictures into our competitions and exhibitions. He even gave a talk about Hungarian photographers which opened the eyes of many members to the number of leading lights from that country over the years.

He has returned to his native Hungary in summer 2017 and club members are sad to see him go, although we knew we were only “borrowing” him while he was in UK. Before leaving he undertook a photographic project that was prompted by what he could tell members of his own club in Hungary. Here he tells the story.

“I had a question on my mind last winter: ‘when I am back in Hungary in the autumn what will I tell Hungarian photographer friends about Sevenoaks Camera Club?’ I realised the best thing would be to have some photos: they are better than thousands of words. And I had an idea, my SCC-project: I would take portraits of a few members of Sevenoaks Camera Club to show when I talk about the Club and how they take photos and how they think about photography. Of the Club's people, how they have their own ideas and dreams. At first, it was my own dream, then an idea — and then a project.

“So, I have taken some photos with Marcus [Rainbow], Roger [Lee], Roy [Smart], Brian [Tabor], Trevor [Coley], Graham [Usher] and Sheila [Sargeant]. The first of the pictures was with Marcus, the last was an experimental 'fashion' photo with Sheila. For a photo of Derek [Medhurst] I thought the best picture would be the self-portrait he made with wet collodion technology at a workshop in the National Portrait Gallery, London, in autumn 2016, a photo he called ‘Webmaster from hell’.

“I really thank you all so much for your help and cooperation.”

We were so impressed with Gyula's portraits that we asked him if we could publish them on our Club website He willingly agreed and here they are. Thank you, Gyula, for your enthusiasm and support over the last two years, from all your friends at Sevenoaks Camera Club.