Competition results 2020-21

Competition results for 2020 - 2021
First projected digital image (“PDI”) competition
1st: Dusk on the loch by David Barker
2nd: Wood stork with nesting material by Sheila Sargeant
3rd: Meadow magic by Greta Gardner
Imagination: Clematis by Janice Harding
Second PDI competition
1st: Mountain hare in winter coat before the snow by David Barker
2nd: Ruddy turnstone by Sheila Sargeant
3rd: Winter Scotland by Terry Lee
Imagination: Bee flight by Tim Johnston
Third PDI competition: theme “Neighbourhood”
1st: Morning walk by Colin Bowdery
2nd: Cockchafers by Sheila Sargeant
3rd: Across the fields to Seal Church by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB
Imagination: Shades of autumn by Sheila Sargeant
Fourth PDI competition
1st: The couple by Milt Ives
2nd: Flying through the air with the greatest of ease by David Barker
3rd: La famille by Sheila Sargeant
Imagination: Autumn abstract by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Fifth PDI competition
1st: Northern lights at full moon by Milt Ives
2nd: Through Glen Etive by Terry Lee
3rd: Great spotted woodpecker, male with cricket by Sheila Sargeant
Imagination: Impression of Santorini by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Sixth PDI competition
1st: France sunset by Terry Lee
2nd: A trio of otters by David Barker
3rd: Canoeing on Emerald Lake before the storm by David Barker
Imagination: Frost feathers by Rob Weighill
Seventh PDI competition
1st: The hunter by Milt Ives
2nd: Bound together by love, Bhutan by David Barker
3rd: Talons out by Milt Ives
Imagination: Vase with berries by Peter Humphrey FRPS
Eighth PDI competition
1st: Windy on Rannoch Moor by Terry Lee
2nd: Hoverflies on ragwort by Sheila Sargeant
3rd: Stormy sea, Harris by David Barker
Imagination: Angel in the forest by Patricia Jones EFIAP MPAGB APAGB